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Let’s Bring In The Light – A Holiday Invitation


Rev. Chani Getter

December 24, 2019

I went to a solstice celebration this past Friday night. In a circle of 18 women, we celebrated and felt into the longest night. We stepped fully into what keeps us in the shadows, hidden from others and ourselves and what allows us to step into our power, our light our individuality. Then, on Sunday night I lit the first candle for Chanukah, during the winter month, as the moon is waning and as it renews, when we can barely see her in the sky, we bring in light for eight nights.

Most of us are celebrating or at least acknowledging light in some form this week. Whether is it Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, etc… we are stepping into the possibility of light during the darkest time of our calendar year. It is the moment when we bring hope into despair.

What in your life could use a little courage?

What in your families’ life can use a little optimism?

What in our cities, states, countries, planet and beyond can use a little brightness?

What little thing can we each do to bring that hope into the world?

As we gather this week, alone, or together… with family of origin, families we created or strangers… With the ones we love, or those we tolerate, I bless us all to hold on to what this holiday season is about, the ability of us as humans brining light into places that are filled with anguish, to bring desire into places that have given up and to allow our light to shine, invited others to bask in our glow.

Many Blessings

Happy Holidays


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