“What if it were ok to feel your desire? To allow yourself to experience the intensity of sexual craving and pleasure?” The fear that came across my client’s eyes (her face was covered with a mask) was palpable. 

orange flame selective focus photography

Permission to Feel – Desire!

I am not someone who watches the news, or much TV, and so I know very little about celebrities and their lives. When I heard about Prince Harry giving up his title as senior royal, the story began to tug at my heart.  I did not know why at first, but something felt familiar.

Leaving the Monarchy – Leaving the Fold

Throughout the U.S. and in some parts of the world, the month of June is celebrated as Pride month. This is because 51 years ago the LGBTQ+ community grew tired of being harassed, threatened, and marginalized simply for trying to live their lives in a way that society felt threatened by. As is often the case in uprisings, accounts vary, but most go something like this…On June 28th, 1969 the police raided the Stonewall Inn in NYC.

Small and Consistent Steps

I went to a solstice celebration this past Friday night. In a circle of 18 women we celebrated and felt into the longest night. We stepped fully into what keeps us in the shadows, hidden from others and ourselves and what allows us to step into our power, our light our individuality.

Let’s Bring In The Light – A Holiday Invitation