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Chani was not just a wonderful officiant and ran a beautiful ceremony, but they are an absolutely beautiful person. They are incredibly kind, and intelligent, and thoughtful. Their views on life and spirituality and religion are original and authentic, and it always makes for interesting conversations and of course a very thoughtful and beautifully executed ceremony.

Chani has a great read on people and having such an intuitive, perceptive officiant allowed them to deliver a unique and personalized service. My husband and I aren't very religious but we wanted a Jewish ceremony, but, wanted to pick and choose which traditions we incorporated.

Chani was incredibly flexible and it was clear that their priority was that the two of us and our families were comfortable and happy. Chani clearly explained the meaning behind every custom, and what incorporating that tradition would look like and about how long it would take, which allowed us to choose those things that emotionally we felt connected to but also remain practical about timing (it was important to us to have a ceremony on the shorter side).

Chani's warm and accepting personality, their very eloquent way of speaking, and their prepared and organized way of going about things made them such a pleasure to work with and allowed us to have our dream ceremony.

I would highly recommend Chani as an officiant for any ceremony!

- Rachel & Danny, Bride & Groom

Chani allowed us to have our dream ceremony.

I want to thank Chani again for everything, in particular, when the pictures were stressing us all out, Chani took the time to calm us down and bring us into the moment.

That was a moment that I truly appreciated and stands out for me that day. You really helped us make the day special.

- Jon and Mackenzie, Groom and Bride

Chani really helped us make the day special

Chani helped my wife and I find our own voices within our interfaith wedding. Going in we had no idea how to go about creating a ceremony for our Jewish/Catholic families. Chani helped us realize that the ceremony really needed to be about what we (my wife and I) wanted to say to each other more that what we thought our families wanted to hear.

Chani also gave us great suggestions for different elements from each of our religions that we could incorporate into the ceremony that played well on both sides. The thing I appreciated most of all was Chani’s request to sit and meet with us at different points throughout the process leading up to the wedding. It allowed us an opportunity to get to know each other while also giving Chani an opportunity to develop their portion of the ceremony.

I was pleasantly surprised on the day of the wedding by how much Chani knew about the two of us. I can't recommend Chani enough!

- Joseph and Allison, Groom and Bride

I can't recommend Chani enough!

Chani was wonderful for my wife and I as our wedding chaplain. We met several times both together with my wife, and individually to discuss ideas I wanted to explore about marriage. Chani walked us though the hardest part of the ceremony, which is really a key part to agree on, what to do for the ceremony? Chani was amazing at helping us visualize and decide what we wanted. And then on the actual they she was present, gracious, kind, and generous with their energy and professionalism. Highly recommend Chani Getter for wedding chaplaincy services and also spiritual guidance to prepare for marriage. I’m so happy we did that.

- Debra & Rivka, Bride & Bride

Chani was amazing at helping us visualize and decide what we wanted. 

Chani was such a wonderful officiant at our wedding. COVID completely upended everything and Chani was flexible and willing to work with us to help salvage our wedding.

They made the whole process incredibly collaborative and the ceremony felt so personal and authentic. There was not a dry eye in the room during the ceremony.

Chani was sensitive, caring, and comforting during the stress of it all. They was also accepting and non-judgmental when it comes to interfaith/interfaithless marriages, which was so important to us.

I know Chani will make your day as special as special as they made ours.

- Sarah and Louis, Bride and Groom

There was not a dry eye in the room during the ceremony. 

Chani was the most wonderful, soulful, thoughtful wedding officiant! We were searching for an officiant to create unity and a container of love and energy during our ceremony, incorporating Jewish tradition while infusing new age spirituality.

Chani did just that and more. They carefully listened to what we were looking for, shared ideas for how they could contribute, and together we created the most beautiful ritual.

Our wedding ceremony was the best part of our wedding day, and it would not have been possible without Chani!

- Michelle and Alex, Bride & Groom

Our wedding ceremony was the best part of our wedding day



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