pronouns: they, them, their

Chani Getter inspires audiences and supports people to discover themselves, embrace their truth, and celebrate their milestones.

speaker - writer - therapist - interfaith minister


Rev. Chani Getter speaks to groups large and small on self discovery, personal growth, leadership, professional development, and issues relating to diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and cultural competence.

In addition to keynote speeches, Rev. Chani offers a variety of workshops and trainings, tailoring each to the group's audience, purpose, and primary learning objectives.

Business Services Include:
+ Keynote speech that leads participants from inspiration to action
+ Keynote speech on inclusive leadership
+ Training on cultural humility
+ Training on universal (non-binary) terms
+ Workshop that strengthens relationships while addressing differences

Rev. Chani Getter is a beloved spiritual teacher and ordinated interfaith minister.

Fluent in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew prayers, Rev. Chani leads sermons, prayer services, workshops, rituals, and ceremonies that welcome, empower, and inspire every person in the room (or on Zoom).

Spiritual Services include:
+ Candle lighting and prayer service
+ Interfaith sermons
+ Dvah Torah
+ Workshop
+ Half-Day Program
+ Shabbat Program


Whether planning an interfaith wedding, preparing for a B-Mitzah, or planning a funeral, Rev. Chani Getter is honored to help families create sacred gatherings and hold their community in celebration or mourning, exactly as they wish.

Ministry Services Include:
+ Traditional services
+ Modern life-cycle events
+ Premarital counseling 
+ Spiritual counseling
+ Interfaith family counseling
+ Jewish teachings
+ Trauma-informed psychotherapy

clergy & counselor

Booking packages designed for

- congregant

"Rev. Chani is such a wonderful human. I just love how encouraging and incredibly honest they are. What a blessing this was."

- m.h.

"What started as a group of strangers sitting uncomfortably in a circle ended with profound sharing and connection. That's what happens when Rev. Chani facilities a training or workshop."

- workshop attendee

"In a little over an hour of teaching and conversation, I had new tools and new ways of being in the world. That's pretty amazing and that's what Rev. Chani brought to the workshop."


"Oh my G-d that was amazing. What a person Rev. Chani is. The reminder that everyone has a longing and that everyone has a story has changed the way I will relate to human beings forever." 

- F

"Whatever it is you bring, Rev. Chani will create a place of non-judgement, a place where you will feel safe, seen and heard."

- workshop attendee

Such ministry Rev. Chani extended! They didn't "other" anyone but met each person with authenticity and accurate information. In so doing, Rev. Chani demonstrated a profound lesson to me in setting boundaries and offering compassion - for oneself and one's community.

- workshop attendee

"I felt like Rev. Chani invited me into their sacred space with sharing Jewish rituals with me. I loved each of them. However, I experienced a profound rush of emotions and was moved to tears with no words to express the awe I felt during the Tefflin ritual. My father use to say “tears are the language the mind cannot lay hold of yet." That is how I felt, no words and sacred space. What a generous gift."